Monday, August 22, 2016

Good riddance, Jimmy Vesey

No this isn't going to be a post where I trash Tim Murray for blowing a potential Vesey deal. Nor is it going to be a post where I call Vesey a prima donna. I'll leave that to someone else.

Vesey had every right to hold out until free agency. Its a reality of modern sports that if you don't understand or don't agree with - you can stop reading right now.

There have been far bigger egos, pulling far worse shit.

*cough*cough* Lebron *cough*cough* Lindros

Sabres fans should be glad to see Vesey go because of the circus his ego created. Unlike the NBA, where the attitude seems to be "don't hate the player, hate the game" - NHL players don't take kindly to someone putting themselves above the team, above the game or above the players around them.

He's a target now, and probably would have been had he dragged #VeseyWatch out further and the eventually signed with Buffalo. The Sabres have enough volatile young talent on their roster to add a kid with a bull's eye on his back.

As for his future, its anyone's guess. The guy wasn't really on NHL scouts' radar until the end of his junior year at Harvard when he put up 58 points in 37 games. The next year, by the way, his production dropped off to 46 points in 33 games.

He also got passed over three times for the Hobey Baker, by Drew LeBlanc, Johnny Gaudreau and Jack Eichel respectively. Let's not forget, this is an award won by such legendary players as Brian Holzinger, Matt Porter and Junior Lessard.

Vesey could turn out to be a battler and he'll have to be to succeed in spite of the situation created by his own hand. He better hope his anticipatory skills serve him better on the ice than they did off it.

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